How will I be notified regarding my results?

The results for most (not all) pathology & radiology tests come in to our practice within a few days of the test being carried out, as an electronic download. If you have been referred to a specialist, your GP will receive a letter from them in the weeks following your appointment.

Our Doctors view their results and/or letters at their earliest available time and advise our staff on how to proceed with patient follow up if necessary. You may hear from us by phone, SMS or post. It is essential that if your contact details change that you advise our reception staff to ensure our records are always kept up to date should we need to get in contact with you.

Sending for Pathology

When the doctor orders a pathology result, he or she will either ask you to make an appointment to discuss the results or ask you to phone in a few days for the results. This ensures the result has been receivied by the practice.

Urgent Results

If there is an urgent reason that the doctor needs to see you regarding your result, one of our receptionists will contact you by phone  and make an appointment for you to discuss these results with your doctor as soon as possible.  It is likely you will be seen the same day we contact you, or within the next few days.

Non-Urgent Results

If there is a non-urgent reason that your doctor needs to see you to follow up, you will receive a HotDoc SMS

or a letter in the post advising that you need to book an appointment with your regular GP. Generally a non-urgent appointment means the next available appointment with your usual GP but on occasion the doctor

will specify the review period recommended for the particular concern of your recall.

Nurse or reception to advise

Sometimes the Doctors will request that one of our Practice Nurses or receptionists contact you to advise of your result. The nurse or receptionist will then contact you by phone.

Normal Result

If your results come back as normal and do not indicate that any follow up action is necessary the doctor will mark it as read and it will sit in your record to discuss at your next routine appointment. We do not usually contact you to advise of normal results but if you would like to phone our reception staff to enquire they are able to let you know.

HIV & STI Screening Results

These test results we recommend giving to you in person. When the doctor is referring you for these types of tests they will recommend that you book in to get the results, alternatively you may be recalled via text message.